Unit Four plus Two

Unit Four plus Two was a 60's band from the UK that had one big hit in 1965.

The folk group known as Unit 4 consisted of Peter Moules on vocals, as well as Brian Parker, Tommy Moeller, and David Meikle, all on guitar and vocals. When they added Bob Garwood on bass and Hugh Halliday on drums in 1964, they began recording pop songs, and became Unit Four plus Two (a.k.a. Unit 4+2). Their first attempt The Green Fields just made the top 50. Parker did not care for live perfomances and his place was taken by Howard Lubin, although Parker continued to write lyrics for many of the group's songs.

Band member Tommy Moeller had written a song with Parker. The rhythm and good beat of Concrete And Clay resulted in a #1 record in the UK and one that went to number 28 in the USA, in the spring of 1965, with Moeller performing lead vocals and serving as frontman. American singer Eddie Rambeau (from Pennsylvania) had a cover version that went to number 35 in the USA a short time later. And more than a decade later the song was revived in the UK by Randy Edelman.

The band recorded for Decca and later for Fontana, but success did not last long for Unit Four plus Two, although they were a talented group. The group's recording of (You've) Never Been In Love Like This Before reached number 14 in their native land but it was to be their last top forty effort. They recorded an album, appropriately titled 1st Album. There were personnel changes, including one-time members Russ Ballard on guitar and vocals and Bob Henrit on drums (and who had played with the band as a session drummer on Concrete And Clay), both of whom later found success with Argent (Hold Your Head Up). Ballard went on to a long career as a successful songwriter. Unit Four plus Two disbanded in about 1970.

Although Unit Four plus Two was not popular on the pop music scene for very long and is regarded in the United States as a one-shot band, their biggest hit Concrete And Clay endures.

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