Petula Clark

Petula Clark has enjoyed a long career as an actress and singer, beginning when she was a child in England. In the mid to late 60's she was a major recording star, with two number one songs to her credit on the US charts, and two others that reached number one in England.

She was born Petula Clark in 1932 in Epsom, Surrey, England. She debuted on the radio at age nine and by age 11 had her own radio show, Pet's Parlour. Her first film A Medal For The General came when she was 12. Petula made other films as a teenager, including London Town in 1946, Dance Hall in 1950, and The Card in 1952. She also had a TV series in 1950, in the early days of television. Petula's first record was on the American label Coral in 1951, and her first hit record, The Little Shoemaker, came in the UK in 1954. By 1957, she had appeared in over twenty British films.

In 1965 Petula Clark's recording of Downtown became a smash hit in the United States, and she vaulted to the staus of international recording star. It reached number one and she followed it a short time later with I Know A Place, another megahit that made number three. Both songs were grammy winners. Working with songwriter/producer Tony Hatch on the Warner label, she was hot. In 1966 Petula's My Love became her second number one hit in the US. Other hits followed in rapid succession: A Sign Of The Times, I Couldn't Live Without Your Love, Color My World.

Petula Clark had a bright, strong voice that record buyers liked. Her string of success continued: Don't Sleep In The Subway and Kiss Me Goodbye were among the 15 top forty hits she placed on the US charts from 1965 to 1968, and she had 27 in the UK from 1954 to 1972. Petula's number one entries in the British charts were Sailor in 1961 and This Is My Song in 1967.

In 1968 Petula returned to making movies, most notably Finian's Rainbow and Goodbye Mr. Chips. At the 1971 Academy Awards show, she received a standing ovation after singing All We Know.

Petula Clark has continued in the entertainment business in various ways over the years. She played Maria in the stage show of Sound Of Music in London, and has made many television appearances over the years in both the United States and England.

Petula Clark has been married to record producer Claude Wolff since 1961 and they have three children. They make their home in Switzerland. Most likely the song that Petula will be remembered for the most is her first big hit in America, Downtown.

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