Leapy Lee

In 1968 Leapy Lee had his one and only hit on the US pop chart, but he has had other songs on other charts and shows up in a variety of media.

He was born Graham Pulleyblank in Eastbourne, England in 1939, but changed his name later to Lee Graham. In school he was nicknamed "Leapy" because according to him, "I was always a leaper." Thus the name, Leapy Lee. He played in bands in southern England as a teenager and made his London debut at the Metropolitan Theatre in 1956.

In the late 50's and early 60's Lee began to pick up various acting jobs and theater jobs. He appeared on a number of British television shows over the years. In 1962 he made his first recording, It's All Happening, on Pye Records. His biggest hit came in 1968 with Little Arrows, written by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazelwood. The single was his only top forty hit in America, where it reached #16, and went to #2 in England. It established Lee as a known commodity in the pop music market. He recorded albums and other singles, and later put two singles on the country chart in the USA, Good Morning in 1970 and Every Road Leads Back To You in 1975.

In July 1970 Leapy Lee was in the Chequers Pub in London's West End theater district with actor Alan Lake (who was married at the time to actress Diana Dors). A fight erupted, the owner was stabbed allegedly by Lee, and the singer was sentenced to three years in prison. Lake got 18 months. On his release in 1974 Lee moved to Saudi Arabia, where he produced shows for a time. In 1983 he moved to Mallorca, an island located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain. He owned a bar for a while then began peforming along the cabaret circuit. He currently resides in Mallorca, and has remained active as a performer. He writes a column for the English newspaper Euro Weekly.

Leapy Lee's most memorable hit was his 1968 recording of Little Arrows.

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