Lou Christie

Lou Christie is well known as a 60's rock singer who can reach the high notes, similar to Frankie Valli, Dean Torrence, and a few others of the era. He placed five songs in the top forty in the 60's.

His name at birth in 1943 in Glen Willard, Pennsylvania was Lugee Sacco. He joined a singing group called the Classics and began recording in 1960. The following year he had his own group which was known as Lugee and the Lions. He also did some work as a back-up singer in New York City.

He became friends with songwriter Twyla Herbert and worked with her for many years. Shortly before the Beatles arrived on the music scene, Lou Christie had a minor hit with The Gypsy Cried, and followed it up with a top ten hit Two Faces Have I. In both songs his high falsetto was quite apparent. He would use it to his advantage later in the decade with his biggest song ever, Lightnin' Strikes, which went to number one in 1966.

A short time later Rhapsody In The Rain reached the charts. In 1969 Lou took a song to the top ten for the final time, once again hitting the high notes on I'm Gonna Make You Mine. The song was released on Buddah, which at the time was well known for its bubblegum hits.

His better songs were put on an album This Is Lou Christie in 1969. He has been touring with oldies shows for many years, often appearing with Lesley Gore.

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